Ladies, doctors are warning you not to put ice lollies in your vaginas to cool down

25 July 2019, 12:36

Ladies, doctors are urging you not to put ice lollies in your vaginas to cool down
Ladies, doctors are urging you not to put ice lollies in your vaginas to cool down. Picture: Getty
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Please, just don't do it.

The warm weather is slowly suffocating us in the UK right now and everyone's struggling to cope with the sizzling heat. You might think of whacking on your desk fan (or air con, if you're lucky enough), jumping in the paddling pool, or… putting an ice lolly in your vagina?

Well, the later is probably not the thing you should be doing. Doctors have advised all women to never put ice lollies in their vaginas, no matter how swelteringly hot it gets.

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You might think a frozen treat is the only way to cool down but it could wreak havoc for your delicate vaginal tissue and mess with the natural pH of the vagina.


"The vagina is composed of very delicate and sensitive skin," Dr Sarah Welsh, the co-founder of condom brand HANX, told "Hence, things that may seem innocent to other areas of the body, if they come in contact with the vagina, can cause infections, irritations and damage.

"There are many things that should never go near a vagina, and ice lollies are up there. The ice can stick to the delicate skin of the vagina and cause real trauma and damage.

"What’s more, putting any foodstuff inside your vagina can introduce microbes, disrupting its normal balance and allowing an environment for bacteria to grow and infections to develop."


Dr Welsh went on to reveal that it's not just the frozen element of the ice lolly that can cause problems. The sugar in the lollies could cause thrush, burning, itching and irritation.

"My advice would be to avoid any foreign bodies in the vagina for risk of infection," Dr Shree Datta, consultant gynaecologist at MyHealthcare Clinic told "I would suggest loose cotton underwear and avoiding tight clothing to prevent any irritation and dermatitis developing.

"A cool shower (without internal douching) and keeping well hydrated should suffice."


So, there you have it, cold showers are the way forward. And if you're even thinking of enjoying an ice lolly this summer there's only one place it needs to go – your mouth.