11 good news stories that happened this week

3 April 2020, 17:24

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

With the news looking bleaker than ever amid coronavirus, it's about time we looked at the heart-warming, positive and down-right funny stories that happened in the world this week. Because we all need a break, hey?

If you've been watching the news this week, there's no shortage of coronavirus news stories, bringing the doom and gloom of the situation right into your front room.

Unfortunately, that means that among stupid remarks from certain world leaders and the battle to save the most vulnerable people in society, we don't get to hear about the actual positive things that are still happening.

If you're following NHS advice and only picking up what you need from the supermarket (we're looking at you, stockpilers), the next few months of watching Netflix should be a breeze.

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Oprah Winfrey donated $10million to coronavirus relief efforts and goats took over Wales.
Oprah Winfrey donated $10million to coronavirus relief efforts and goats took over Wales. Picture: Steve Jennings/Getty Images/Andrew Stewart via Twitter

So, while we wait for the mayhem to die down, we've rounded up the top 11 happiest stories from the week - because who doesn't need a wholesome break during these trying times?

1. Goats took over a Welsh town during lockdown

Is there anything more wholesome than a cute animal video to keep you entertained? A little closer to home than usual, this week's incredible what-the-hell-just-happened lockdown video comes from Llandudno in Wales, where a herd of goats have taken over the entire town.

That's right, almost 120 of them to be exact, brought a new meaning to herd immunity and seized the opportunity while everyone was indoors to gallop around the streets, munching on the grass from church grounds and newly-planted flower beds.

Unfortunately for the goats, they keep getting arrested (no, seriously) and moved back into the hills, but every couple of days they make a reappearance. Living their best lives, we respect it.

2. Oprah donates $10 million to coronavirus relief

With tonnes of celebrities and billionaires finally stepping up to do their bit for those affected by coronavirus, one particularly sizeable donation has come from our queen, Oprah Winfrey.

Taking to Instagram, the daytime-TV icon said she would be donating $1million to America’s Food Fund, a new initiative set up by Leonardo DiCaprio to feed local communities, and a further $10million to help Americans overcome the crisis.

In a post she wrote: “I was struck by the work these organizations are doing and while everyone’s priority right now is to stay safer at home, I know there are many of us looking for ways to help," before explaining how the money would be spent.

If you want to get involved, you can donate here.

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@chefjoseandres and Claire Babineaux-Fontenot have teamed up with @leonardodicaprio, Laurene Powell Jobs and @Apple to launch America’s Food Fund to help feed local communities. I was struck by the work these organizations are doing and while everyone’s priority right now is to stay safer at home, I know there are many of us looking for ways to help. I believe that America’s Food Fund will be a powerful way to make a difference for our neighbors in need and am committing $1 million to this fund to support those facing food insecurity. I am donating $10 million overall to help Americans during this pandemic in cities across the country and in areas where I grew up. For more on this Fund and how everyone can be of service, tap the link in my bio to watch this free AppleTV+ conversation.

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3. A boss accidentally turns herself into a potato during a video meeting

If you're still working from home right now, you'll be all too familiar with conference calling tools, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom. And while we've been having way too much fun with the customisable backgrounds to lighten up video meetings, one company boss was left red-faced when she accidentally hit the wrong button.

Lizet Ocampo, the political director at People for the American Way, was hosting a call with community leaders within the company, when she opened up the camera to discover that she was in fact, a potato.

Unfortunately for Lizet, she had no idea how to turn it off, so carried on with the meeting in all her carb-friendly form. At least she gave her colleagues a good laugh...

4. Over 210,000 people have now recovered from coronavirus

While we're all trying to avoid the news in fear of seeing what we don't want to, it's actually worth taking note that during this pandemic, figures have been released suggesting over 210,000 people have now recovered safely from COVID-19. Not bad, huh?

A 4,000-bed hospital, the NHS Nightingale, has just opened in London to free up resources for the health service, and on Thursday evening, the UK once again came out in full force clapping and cheering for our key workers. China has even began re-opening commercial shopping and public transport - in the place where the virus started.

So, if you were feeling stressed and anxious about the situation just remember, you only ever get to hear the worst. Here's to another 210,000 recoveries!

5. HBO is making 500 hours of iconic series and films free

If you're already in a Netflix drought and Disney+ just isn't cutting it for you anymore, fear not! Because more streaming goodness is on its way, as HBO are making over 500 hours of iconic series and films free to watch online from today.

You'll be able to watch movies such as Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Lego Movie 2 without a subscription using the HBO Go and HBO Now apps, as well as True Blood, The Sopranos and Ballers. - a subscription which usually costs $14.99 (£12).

You're welcome.

6. Over 100 endangered turtles hatched on a Brazilian beach

Animals are really having a week, huh? And given that beaches are currently off-limits in Brazil, it's been the perfect opportunity for endangered hawksbill sea turtles to hatch from their eggs.

Workers witnessed the adorable moment that 97 of the hatched tiny turtles crawled into the Atlantic Ocean for the first time, which are usually interrupted by human activity or preying birds.

The turtles are endangered because of humans using their shells to make the frames of glasses or homeware purposes, and as a species that has roamed our earth for 100 million years, it's so nice to see them being set free once again. We're not crying, you are.

7. Lockdown has sparked a surge in pet foster applications

When we said animals were having a week, we really meant it. And it's good news for the poor pups shacked up in rescue centres, because as people prepare to spend more time at home amid lockdown, they've turned their attention to adopting a new pet for companionship.

Battersea dogs and cats home has rehomed over 100 animals in the past week, including 26 yesterday alone, and over 100 of the centre's staff have come forward to foster any animals that would thrive better in a home environment while they look for their forever family. Aww.

However, due to restrictions on opening the centres at the moment as well as home checks, the charity has advised the best way anyone can help out for now, is donate to the care of the animals.

8. You can play Cards Against Humanity with your friends online free

That's right, our favourite "party game for horrible people" can now be played online via playingcards.io.

Once you've set up a virtual room, you can send the link to your own personal Cards Against Humanity game to up to six friends to join the game, and there's even a voice or video call function, so you can get the full experience on a lonely Friday evening.

Everyone will be able to see the game, but only you can see the cards in your hand, so there's no room for cheating either.

May the nastiest person, win!

Cards Against Humanity can now be played online.
Cards Against Humanity can now be played online. Picture: Cards Against Humanity via Amazon, NBC

9. An adorable 93-year-old Scottish grandmother wants us all to 'do as we're told'

Most of us are unable to visit elderly relatives at the moment, and subsequently, missing being plyed with cake and love, but one Scottish Grandma, known only as 'wee granny' recorded an adorable message for her grandchildren that has stolen all of our hearts.

She records the video from her door step, to let her family know that she's doing well, despite not being able to see them.

"I'm still here. I'll tell you, I'm like a bad penny, there's no getting rid of me," she tells the camera, before adding: "I hope you're all well and doing what you're told. Keep to the rules and you will all be fine."

Can we subscribe to wee granny content daily?

10. YouTube is streaming Broadway and West End musicals for free

Musical theatre lovers, your dreams are about to come true. While theatres are closed down and streaming sites are making some shows watchable from home, Universal have announced that every Friday a new YouTube series will drop, making our favourite Broadway and West End productions available for a limited time.

Aptly named The Shows Must Go On, the first two productions will be Andrew Lloyd Webber classics Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on 3rd April and Jesus Christ Superstar on 10th April - both of which will be available on the new YouTube channel for 48 hours. from 6pm GMT.

Time to warm up those vocal chords...

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - FULL SHOW | The Shows Must Go On - Stay Home #WithMe

11. China bans the consumption of wild animals

Given the current *ahem* situation, it's about damn time that everywhere banned the consumption of wild animals, and China is finally stepping up to do that. Research is currently being worked on to find out if COVID-19 jumped from bats to humans, causing a global pandemic.

The new ban prohibits hunting, trade and transportation of all wild animals (whether captive bred or caught in the wild) where the intention is to eat them.

The city of Shenzhen in South Eastern China has also brought in a ban for the trade and consumption of cats and dogs, and we can only hope that the rest of the country follows suit - and there's already a petition to make it happen, with over 569,000 signatures in two weeks.

It's not all bad, hey? In the words of Kylie Jenner, happy self-isolation!