QUIZ: Build your ultimate emo outfit and we'll accurately guess your age

6 March 2020, 21:21

Your taste in emo fashion says a lot about you...
Your taste in emo fashion says a lot about you... Picture: Reprise, iStock / Getty Images Plus
Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

We’re about to blow you away by accurately guessing how old you are based on your taste in emo clothes. It’s accurate, no questions.

Emo kids, it’s time to put on your best tartan skirt and turn up the volume on Fall Out Boy, because we’re putting you to the test and settling what era of the rawr age you’re really from.

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Take your pick of band merch, hair colours and piercings, because we’re getting to the nitty gritty, and we can guess your age just based on what you choose. If you’re a newbie, we can tell through your ready-to-wear accessories, and only true emos will remember the days of jeans with chains. 

Trust us, we’ve got this.