Crocs just released a bag and it's NOT as ugly as you'd expect

6 February 2019, 16:54

Model in Crocs x Pizza Slime bag
The Crocs bag is here and we're speechless... Picture: Instagram/@pizzaslime
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Just what the world needs… even more Crocs.

Ever since Post Malone dropped a collection with Crocs, people have been on a mission to make them the next big footwear fad. Although Post Malone's Crocs range sold out in record time, it has still taken people a while to warm to the idea of making Crocs fashion-forward.

Well, Pizza Slime has tried to make the shoe, traditionally reserved for keen gardeners and older people, a little more palatable. Introducing… the Croc bag. Yep, they actually exist now.

Crocs decided to release a limited addition crossbody bag with the LA-based brand and, no, absolutely no-one asked for this. The design is simple, a giant Croc with a thick strap that can be worn across the body.

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🚨👀🚨 The official Pizzaslime x @Crocs collab REVEALED!  So… we went waaaaay outside of the box for this one and turned a Croc into a functional and quality made cross body bag 🙃 Some Facts: Each bag is hand made in LA. Only 50 are being released. The strap is custom made with Pizzaslime woven into it.  The detachable Jibbitz (the charms) are custom made for this bag specifically.  It’s vailable in yellow and black 😬 WE'RE BEYOND STOKED TO DROP THIS! Over the past few months we've put a lot of time, sweat, and tears into developing this product that has never been made before.  It was a looooot harder than it looks.  Don’t 😴 on this one!  DROPS THURS AT 11AM PST!

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Available in black and yellow, and unisex, the bags come with seven elaborate Pizza Slime "Jibbitz" or charms to me and you. It also has a handy zip fastening that opens where your foot would slip into.

If you want to cop one of these, you've got to be willing to splash a cool $300. And, more bad news, there's only 50 made – 25 in black and 25 in yellow – so they're extremely limited edition.

Naturally, people had thoughts...

Some even tried to make their own.

And then there were those who didn't actually mind it. Like, c'mon they've done worse.

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