A $600 'censor bar' bikini exists and it barely covers your nipples

28 June 2019, 16:59

Cult Gaia bikin/Camila Guper Instagram.
Cult Gaia bikin/Camila Guper Instagram. Picture: Cult Gaia/Instagram:@camilaguper
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Seriously. It's April Fools, isn't it?"

Underboob has been a massive clothing trend this year but sometimes it's just not enough, apparently. So, we're now entering the realms of showing all angles of our boobs and it's all thanks to this bikini.
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Brazilian designer Adriana Degreas has teamed up with US brand Cult Gaia to bring us the censor bar bikini. Basically, it consists of a completely see-through bandeau bikini top with a small tortoise shell strip that cleverly preserves your modesty.

It just might be the answer to everyone's tanning prayers. Think about it, it's completely sheer apart from the thin strip, which means no pesky bikini strap marks. It's probably one only for "poolside posing" though (see: PrettyLittleThing's bikini) because one careless run-and-jump into the pool and that censor bar is sitting under your neck.

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Thankfully, the matching bikini bottoms aren't quite as flesh-baring. They come in baby pink and feature cute ties at either side.

And the price? Surely it can't be that expensive for that strip of see-through fabric, right? Well, it'll set you back $590 (£465.63) for the top alone. Believe it or not, it's already sold out in the XS too. It's even been worn by fitness influencer Camila Guper, who has over one million Instagram followers.

Cult Gaia decided to share photos of the bikini on Instagram which, as to be expected, got a lot of attention from shocked shoppers.

"Cult Gaia I love you but you can make something cooler?" one user savagely asked. "Seriously. It's April Fools, isn't it?" added another, while a third commented: "Ahahahaha this is the ultimate joke! Even at $1."

Cult Gaia's Instagram comments.
Cult Gaia's Instagram comments. Picture: Instagram:@cultgaia

This wouldn't be the first of Adriana's designs to attract attention, though, she's actually famed for her minuscule approach to swimwear design. She's also the creator of another see-through bikini that makes it appear like someone's hands are grabbing your boobs.

Well, we can't fault her creativity…