Bhad Bhabie just bagged a major makeup deal for almost $1m

17 January 2019, 12:45

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Look out Fenty Beauty – Bhad Bhabie is coming for you.

Bhad Bhabie is blowing up and it's not for dragging someone this time. The "Hi Bitch" rapper just signed a six-month deal with CopyCat Beauty which, according to TMZ, she's been paid $900,000 to promote.

Sure, she's known for beefing with Iggy Azalea and even her own mother but she's also a HUGE moneymaker now. Bhad Bhabie will promote CopyCat Beauty's products – makeup palettes, eye glitter, eye essentials, lipstick, lip stain, face masks and brushes – on social media and in her music videos. So don't expect to see her beating her face on YouTube anytime soon.

Bhad Bhabie attends the 2018 Billboard Music Awards/Bhad Bhabie CopyCat Beauty
Bhad Bhabie just signed a huge makeup brand deal. Picture: Getty/Instagram/@bhadbhabie

She's already got to work too, posting an image on Instagram applying some CopyCat Beauty lip gloss with the caption, "Shop smarter not harder itty bitty lil bich. @copycatbeauty has that [fire emoji] and it's Bhabie approved!!"

And as if $900k wasn't enough of a super sweet deal, Bhad Bhabie will reportedly rake in a percentage of the company's sales. The deal could also be extended for another three years if she brings in enough cash within the first six months and she could possibly get her own beauty range too.

At just 15, Bhad Bhabie's phenomenal success just keeps growing and we can't even be mad at her for it. She's just finished up an international tour, which she reportedly got paid $1 million for, while she's also thought to be filming a docs-series for Snapchat.

It really pays to a teen tearaway.