ASOS are being accused of increasing prices in their Black Friday sale

28 November 2019, 14:06

ASOS Black Friday sale.
ASOS Black Friday sale. Picture: @asos via Instagram
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

ASOS have denied that they have increased their prices before the Black Friday sale.

It's Thanksgiving (28 November) in the US and while for most that means stuffing yourself with all the delightful treats, it also means something else – Black Friday is almost here! Black Friday (29 November) is a chance to snap up a bargain and is perhaps one of the best days of the year. Although it used to be a US thing, it has now spread worldwide. Not only that, some brands stretch the deals throughout the entire week now, concluding with Cyber Monday (2 December).

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So when ASOS' Black Friday sale today went live today (one day earlier than expected), shoppers were eager to snap something up from their Saved Items. However, that all changed extremely quickly. Some customers are complaining that ASOS had increased the price of certain items, making it seem like consumers are getting a bargain.

Now, this is sadly not that unusual anymore. Apparently, Boohoo were called out for using the same tactics during last year's sale. But in 2018, ASOS released a 20% off everything code and it seems that is what most people were expecting.

ASOS teased that this Black Friday would be its "biggest deal ever" on social media, with up to 70% off everything. Just the day before (27 November) ASOS also dropped a 20% off ASOS DESIGN clothing only code, which has since expired.

So, shoppers were a little disappointed to see that there was no code this year (so far), only that the prices had just been amended. Although a lot of the items have 20% off or more, some shoppers have shared screenshots showing items they had bought at full price that had entered the "sale" for the same price. Meanwhile other items showed the full price and sale price as being exactly the same.


For example, one customer posted a pair of boots that they had recently bought from ASOS for £36 at the full price. However, it's now in the Black Friday sale for £33.50 and the original price has been listed as £45. Hmm. ASOS have denied that there's anything fishy going on here, though, telling us that "the boots were included in a promotion earlier in the week and returned to original price pre-Black Friday launching today".

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Needless to say, ASOS started trending on Twitter and the brand was called out for 'lying' to customers.

In response to backlash, ASOS told us: "Our Black Friday deals launched today with up to 70% off everything. Prices are not increased before promotions go live."

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