Tips & Advice

We did a quick survey around the Capital office to bring you some extra tips & advice for surviving T in the Park.

  • Take a couple of extra plastic bags. They make great improvised wellies incase it rains!
  • Baby wipes! Make sure you take them.. they are very useful for a clean.
  • Hand Gel. Useful should you not have any soap.
  • Toilet Roll. Obvious uses!
  • Dry Shampoo. No one wants greasy skanky hair!
  • Work out each morning which bands clash so you can plan who you want to see.
  • Allow time to walk between the stages. It'll be busy!
  • Wear Sun cream! No body wants to see you as a lobster.
  • Tie a hoody around your waist. You'll appreciate it when it gets dark.
  • Make friends with the people in the tents around you, then you can all look out for each others stuff.
  • Catch some of the smaller up-coming bands on the T Break Stage.
  • Get up early to use the campsite toilets (they get emptied first thing!)
  • Carry less to the campsite and enjoy your cans of Tennent’s  Lager or Magners Original Cider ice-cold by pre-ordering them online at  and picking them up in the campsite, throughout your stay at the legendary T in the Park campsite.

If you've got any more let us know below and we'll add them.