Stay Safe

Tips & advice on safety whilst enjoying this year's festival...

For one weekend of the year T in the Park becomes Scotland’s fifth biggest city, playing host to over 80,000 music fans over 4 days.

So just like you have to stay safe whenever you visit a new place, make sure you do the same at the festival. It really is a great place to be, so let’s keep it that way!

**No under 5’s are allowed entry to the festival and children under 16 must hold a full price ticket and be accompanied by a guardian over the age of 21. Photographic I.D will be required.**

Stick Together:
Look out for each other and don’t wonder off on your own, it’s a big place. Stay with friends and people you know. Arrange a meeting point in case you get lost.

Play It Safe:
Only bring essential items, and it goes without saying, don’t leave anything of value in your tent. There are lockers within the campsite for you to hire to keep your belongings safe. If you've not already booked your locker in advance from Ticketmaster, there will be a limited number available to hire over the weekend. Please note: the locker sizes are 25cm wide x 15.5cm deep x 10cm high - so they are the right size for small valuables (mobiles, wallets, cameras etc). The lockers also have mobile phone charging facilities, which require you to bring a 12v car charger.

Cashing In:
Cash machines will be available in the arena so don’t carry around more cash than you need to.

Need Assistance:
There are Help Zones located throughout the arena and campsite. No query is too big or small! We're here to help!

Only bring what you need:
The best way to ensure you don’t lose something valuable to you is not to bring it in the first place! Only bring what you need.

Don't make it easy for a thief:
Look after the property that you do bring. Always secure any property left in your tent as best as possible. When you are sleeping, keep your valuables with you in your sleeping bag.

Look after your mobile:
More mobiles are lost and stolen than any other item of property.  Note down your mobile phone provider contact details and the IMEI number of your phone (KEY IN *#06# or look behind your battery).  You will need these if your phone is stolen as it will prevent someone else using your phone.

Be aware of pickpockets:
Only carry the amount of cash you need. Remember there are ATM’s on site, but when using the ATM, be aware of who is hanging about nearby and put your card and cash away as soon as possible. Don’t keep all your cash and personal belongings together in one place. Spread them about your pockets and clothing. Only take credit cards if you need them. Don’t store pin numbers on your mobile in case it is stolen with any cards.

Don't use ticket touts:
T in the Park tickets are valuable so think carefully about where you keep them. Don’t flash them about.  Don’t plan to purchase tickets when you arrive.  Ticket touts will charge inflated prices and there is also no guarantee that tickets from touts will be genuine. All tickets will be checked when you try to enter the event.

Leave nothing on display in your car:
Lock and totally empty the inside of your vehicle, leaving the glove compartment open and empty.   If you must bring a ‘sat nav’ device, remember to remove the unit and the cradle or window sucker.

Tell a police officer or steward:
Always report any incident no matter how big or small, to security or police, they are there to help. By reporting incidents you can help prevent further crime. If you can’t contact a police officer or steward in person, use these phone numbers;
In an EMERGENCY dial 999, In a NON-EMERGENCY dial 0300 111 2222, or if you want to pass CONFIDENTIAL information ANONYMOUSLY dial CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111

Think ahead:
If you can, try and mark your property to make it easier to identify. If you lose something head to the Lost Property Office in the Arena or Campsite or if you have had something stolen visit the Police compound in the campsite to report it. Alternatively call 0300 111 2222

Be prepared!
We hope this year’s festival will bring sunshine but it is important to remember that the weather in Scotland can change very quickly. It is important you bring with you appropriate clothing for all weathers … and don’t forget your sunscreen!