LISTEN: We Make Up Celebrity Rumours With Comedian Joe Lycett

4 November 2016, 13:33 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

joe lycett book

By James Wilson-Taylor

Plus Joe shows us how to write the perfect complaint letter...

On this week's podcast, we chat to comedian Joe Lycett about complaint letters, selling fake celebrity stories to Newspapers and his really rather lovely new book.

Entitled "Pasnips Buttered: Bamboozle & Boycott Modern Life One Email At A Time", Joe taught us how best to deal with everyday problems - by sending a serious of increasingly irritating emails to the people in charge.

In this book I have attempted the task of solving each and every one of life's problems. And I have succeeded. Politics? Family? Parking fines? Done, done & done & done, done. After reading these pages each of your worries will lift softly into the air, like a glorious fish, if it is a flying fish or one of those helium balloons you get on the high street that looks like a fish. Using letters, emails, tweets & telegrams I will show you how the things in your life that make you feel sad, low or anxious can soon appear trivial, insignificant and like a fish.

Joe Lycett

Good to know...

Joe's book is out now with his new DVD out November 27th. 

You can hear our full chat with Joe and Jamie Morton from "My Dad Wrote A Porno" on this week's edition of the PopBuzz Podcast at the links below.

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