Will Smith's got The X-Factor

Will Smith looks set to join the judging panel of the US version of The X-Factor.

All the reports suggest that Simon Cowell is close to signing the Men In Black star.

Plenty of stars are thought to have talked to Simon about the role including Mick Jagger and Noel Gallagher.

But a source told the Sunday Mirror: “Simon thinks Will and Cheryl (Cole) will be a brilliant formula. He's one of the biggest names in America and considered to be a talented musician as well as actor.”

So that just leaves the fourth place on the judging panel. Simon is looking for an A-list female to fill the seat. His favourite is thought to be mum-to-be Mariah Carey. Nicole Scherzinger is another possible.

It's also unclear whether Simon will return to the UK series, or devote all his time to the US version.