Westlife - "We might sing at Cowell's wedding"

The Westlife boys were amazing at Capitals Jingle Bell Ball and now the band are getting ready for their Where We Are Tour, which starts on May 6th.

The band have just flown back from South Africa and were on good form when they came to Capital last week and confirmed that theyre currently rehearsing for the show.
Kevin even got to see Nicky's holiday snaps on his phone! Kevin went on to ask the lads to tell their plans for the show and Kian confessed that hes the man watching the money!

Kevin chats to Westlife - part one

After working with him for over 12 years, the band discussed Simon Cowells rumoured future wedding. Kian reckons if ever simon ties the knot, Westlife will be there to sing.

Kevin chats to Westlife - part two