Tulisa And N-Dubz Announce Plans To Release Fishing DVD

Tulisa, Dappy and Fazer have put together a 60 minute film entitled 'Catch Reel Fish'.

The film sees them joined by The X Factor judge's dad Plato and Dappy's late father Byron catching giant carp and catfish in Gran Canaria, Spain's River Ebro and France.

"I first went with my dad when I was three and I really enjoyed it," Tulisa told The Metro. "I still go to The Lakes with him as much as I can.

"Maggots don't scare me - we had them in the fridge at home."

She added: "It's so peaceful sitting there seeing what you might catch. Dappy's been fishing with me. He likes it too."

'Catch Reel Fish' will be released later this year and will cost £11.99.