Tulisa On Her New Music Sound... And Plastic Surgery Rumours!

25 November 2014, 16:25

Capital's Max catches up with Tulisa about her new music as well as nasty online rumours.

Tulisa gets honest with Capital in her latest revealing interview all about the sound of her new music, as well as addressing those plastic surgery comments that have been doing the rounds.

The UK singer is back in December with her new single 'Living Without You', and stopped by on Sunday (23rd November) for a chat with Capital's Max all about what's next for her.

"It's kind of along the dance route, but it's got a bit more drum 'n' bass on it," Tulisa exclusively told us. "It's a bit more musical even though it's hard dance.

"I'm taking it back to the nineties," she added, before naming Duke Dumont as her dream future collaboration.

Tulisa ALSO opened up about having work done on her lips earlier this year, saying she would never have denied it.

"Because it's like everyone knows? Everyone could tell if I've had my lips done," she added. "There was a change to my face! So I thought I'd just be honest."

Tulisa officially launches her new single 'Living Without You' on 14th December and you can pre-order it right here.

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