Tinchy Stryder fancies X-Factor role

Tinchy Stryder reckons he's got what it takes to become a judge on The X-Factor.

Speaking at the launch of the new 3DS Nintendo Tinchy told us, "They haven’t invited me yet, I’ll be a judge, I’m quite honest and up-front, I don’t try and hide the things, you get what I’m sayin’? But yeah, it should be all good."

Exactly who will fill the roles both the UK and US remains the source of much speculation.

Meanwhile Tinchy was loving the new 3D Nintendo, "Yeah I think it’s cool, they gave me one to practice on and I was kinda blown away, I was thinking “woah, I’m seeing things in 3D with no glasses on, crazy. My first Nintendo was the Super Nintendo and where its got to now, it’s crazy man, all good though."