The Wanted album launch

The Wanted are getting ready for their exclusive album launch.

It takes place at Londons HMV Forum this Monday (October 25th) to celebrate the release of their debut album 'The Wanted'.

Just 500 lucky fans will get the chance to attend to see the band perform and sign albums, but everyone has to dress in a Halloween costume!

The lads will also be dressing up, although the lads won't reveal what theyre planning to wear!

Tom hopes fans dress wisely, Jay says hell be "in a good but unusual costume" and Nathan confirmed that he wont be dressed as a character from Harry Potter! Siva told us he cant wait to see the CD album on the shelves from Monday. Max said "It's just so exciting to see how it all takes off, especially after working for months on the music. Nathan added Were nervous but excited, but there is something for everyone on the album and were really proud of the music."