The Wanted "need to hammer it"

The Wanted's Nathan Sykes says the guys have plenty of work to do on their new album.

The band are having a break after completing their first UK tour but Nathan says there's plenty more hard work just around the corner,

"I've got about 10 days off now so I’ll be wondering aimlessly around Gloucester for a bit, but then back in the studio to write the album. We’ve only done about 2 tracks off it so I think we’re slacking a bit, we really need to hammer into it, I’m really excited."

The Wanted are also playing a number of summer events including Newmarket Nights, Chester Rocks and a gig in Nathan's home city of Gloucester.

"When it went in the diary I was jumping around the room like a lunatic, it should be an amazing atmosphere. All the boys have got really high expectations because I go on about it everyday, they’re really looking forward to it as well.

"I always said I wanted to do a gig in Gloucester, but I never thought we’d do it here. I’ll definitely be wearing my cherry-white shirt and jumping around like a lunatic."