The Wanted's Jay Thanks Fans For 'Lightning' Love

Jay McGuiness has thanked fans for getting The Wanted's new single 'Lightning' trending on Twitter.

Capital played The Wanted's new single for the first time this morning and the fan reaction on Twitter was incredible.

Fans called the track "amazing", "another night club tune" and the general consensus was that they "loved it".

So Jay, who is currently with the rest of the band in Australia, tweeted to thank fans for their love and support.

"Thanks for trending #TWLightning," Jay posted.

"I'm aware that by tweeting that I am contributing slightly to it's trending-ness. And I'm not ashamed."

The Wanted's new single 'Lightning' is out to download on Sunday 30th October. Check out all the photos from The Wanted's 2012 calendar.

Photo by Derrick Santini.