The Wanted Dolls "Creep Out" Jay McGuiness

'Lightning' singer Jay says the idea of a doll of himself, and The Wanted's Nathan, Max, Siva and Tom is a bit scary.

The Wanted are set to release official dolls of themselves in time for Christmas, but Jay McGuiness isn't entirely convinced.

"It creeps the hell out of me to see a little tiny version of me," Jay told the Daily Star.

"What if it comes alive at night and pokes your eyes out?"

Dolls of Nathan, Max, Siva and Tom will also be out to buy later this year, along with the new album from The Wanted.

Meanwhile the lads are promoting their new single 'Lightning', the official video for which will debut at 4pm on Thursday 22nd September.

The new song will be available to download on Sunday 31st October when the boys are hoping to match their success of 'Glad You Came' which hit No. 1 on the Vodafone Big Top 40 in July.