Ariana Grande Opens Up On Nathan Sykes Relationship And Meeting His Parents – Video

11 October 2013, 18:33 | Updated: 16 October 2013, 11:14

The US singer also talks to Capital bout being "terrified" of the paparazzi.

Ariana Grande has been speaking to Capital about her relationship with The Wanted star Nathan Sykes and revealed what it was like meeting his parents for the first time.

The couple were pictured out together in London this week, and the female star admitted she gets "terrified" when paparazzi are about.

Ariana also went on to talk about meeting her new boyfriend's parents for the first time.

"I was really nervous because obviously I really care about him and I want them to like me and think I'm good enough," she said. "They were really sweet and lovely. I love his family. But it was so nerve wracking."

The pair first started rumours they were dating when they teamed up for the song 'Almost Is Never Enough' on her album 'Yours Truly'.

Meanwhile, The Wanted are preparing for the release of their new album 'Word Of Mouth' on 4th November.