This Adorable Lady Gaga Fan Has Been Turned Into A Meme And It's HILARIOUS

5 September 2018, 19:35

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Paws up baby...

Lady Gaga is having a moment right now. Not only is the 'Bad Romance' singer currently doing press for her first lead role in a film (A Star Is Born) but she is already receiving major critical acclaim for her performance in the highly anticipated feature. It's early days still but it looks like Gaga could even be in with a chance of getting a 2019 Oscar nomination for her turn as Ally in the Bradley Cooper directed feature.

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However, long before Gaga set her sights on the big screen, she was gaining legions of fans as a record-breaking popstar. In fact, Gaga was one of the first major stars, alongside the likes of Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj, to develop a named fandom. It's no secret that Little Monsters are one of the biggest fan communities in the world and now one adorable little monster has just been turned into a meme.

Lady Gaga fan pinto meme
Lady Gaga fan pinto meme. Picture: Twitter // VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images

Last month a young Gaga fan called Staten Harry took to Twitter to share a video of him lip-syncing to 'Bad Romance' and it's literally the purest thing on the entire internet. Not only is he incredible charismatic and cute but he's also giving it his all in every second of the video. He is literally living his best life and from his ad-libs to his choreo, it is one of the best videos on the internet right now.

We are officially Staten Harry stans.

Watch Staten Harry in all of his glory here:


The video was so popular that it caught the attention of Gaga herself. The 'Million Reasons' hitmaker quote tweeted Staten Harry's original post with the comment "Paws Up Harry!!! You’re so cute!!" Our hearts. Not only that but the video and various other clips of Staten Harry performing have now been turned into memes and they are everything.

Here are just a few of the best.

It all started with this hilariously relatable reference.


We've all been there.

It even applies to when you're on a night out.



Bizarrely one of the clips works with the Titanic.


No comment.

And it even suits Troye Sivan.


Troye even acknowledged how accurate this is in a tweet writing: "LITERALLY 1000%".

Or people who run gym classes.


We see no lies.

Then there's flight attendants.


Hopefully we'll never actually have to experience this.

And last but not least...


...this got dark real quick.

In conclusion, Staten Harry is a legend and we must protect him at all costs.