Lorde is back and the memes and reactions to Solar Power are hilarious

8 June 2021, 11:48

Lorde explains her synesthesia

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Solar Power is rumoured to be the first single from Lorde's upcoming third studio album and fans are living for the cover art.

It's official. Lorde has announced her return by unveiling the artwork for a new single titled 'Solar Power' and fans can't deal.

Ever since Lorde released her critically-acclaimed, sophomore album Melodrama in 2017, fans have been eager to see what the 24-year-old would do next. However, apart from occasional email updates, the 'Green Light' singer has remained tight-lipped about what she's been recording over the past four years and who she's worked with on her third studio album.

With that in mind, it's no surprise that Lorde has broken the internet with her comeback news and the memes are hilarious.

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Lorde: The best Solar Power memes and reactions
Lorde: The best Solar Power memes and reactions. Picture: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Universal Music

Yesterday (Jun 7), Lorde updated her website to showcase the art for a new project titled 'Solar Power' and fans were quick to guess that it's the name of her new single. The image is taken from beneath Lorde and she can be seen running across a beach in a long-sleeve yellow top. Lorde captioned the photo: "ARRIVING IN 2021 ... PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE".

In other words, Lorde is back. And, while there may not be an official 'Solar Power' release date just yet, fans are overjoyed to hear that she's getting ready to drop new music. Not to mention, they're living for the 'Solar Power' art. Here are just a few of the funniest memes and reactions in response to Lorde's announcement.

1) We're all doing this, yes?

2) Sorry Adele fans.

3) You just know it's going to be excellent.

4) Hang it in the Louvre.

5) 11/10 would watch this movie.

6) It is now canon that every four years Lorde will release a life-changing album.

7) Jack Antonoff posted the art on his Instagram page.

8) Ffssssss.

9) Not disrespect to Jesus but...

10) Why is this so accurate?

11) Lorde says hot girl summer starts now!

12) Troye Sivan is ready.

13) In conclusion...

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