WATCH: Snoop Dogg Narrating Nature Documentary 'Planet Snoop' Is Random But Amazing

29 March 2016, 09:54

Planet Snoop: Squirrel vs. Snake


Move over David Attenborough… we want all the nature shows to be narrated by the D-O-double-G from now on.

We apologise for any lack of productivity this may induce but we’ve come across the BEST THING ON THE INTERNET and we can’t stop watching it. Yes, Snoop Dogg has started a series of nature documentaries and they are INCREDIBLE.

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Snoop teamed up with Youtube channel Merry Jane for the series of ‘alternative’ nature shows, starting with Squirrel Vs Snake – and it’s just as ‘Snoop Dogg’ as you’d imagine.

It’s slightly sweary (as you’d expect) but watching Snoop watch a squirrel defeat a snake is strangely captivating. Don’t say we didn’t warn you… 

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