Camila Cabello teases new songs about Shawn Mendes

10 October 2019, 17:08

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

'Liar', 'Shameless', 'Easy' and many more songs on Romance could be about Shawn Mendes.

Camila Cabello has revealed that she's written even more songs about Shawn Mendes for her upcoming album Romance and it looks like 'Easy' could be one of them.

Earlier this month, Camila Cabello confirmed that her new singles 'Liar' and 'Shameless' are both about Shawn Mendes. In a Facebook interview, Camila explained that she wrote 'Liar' about the fact that she liked Shawn for years but "so badly didn't want to like him". She then went on to say that 'Shameless' is "a different side to the same situation as 'Liar'. 'Liar' is denial and 'Shameless' is acceptance." In other words, Camila's newfound relationship with Shawn is providing us with bops.

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And, in a new interview on Lorraine, Camila divulged that Romance will contain even more Shawn inspired tracks.

Is Camila Cabello's 'Easy' about Shawn Mendes?

Camila Cabello reveals there will be more songs about Shawn Mendes on Romance
Camila Cabello reveals there will be more songs about Shawn Mendes on Romance. Picture: John Shearer/Getty Images, Island Records

Speaking to Dan Wootton, Camila Cabello opened up about her relationship with Shawn and how he's the muse behind a lot of her new music. She explained: "I'm so happy. I have known him for such a long time and he just feels like home to me so I'm really happy." She then added that "towards the end" of recording the album there were a lot of songs "about Shawn". Camila continued: "The great thing about songwriting is that you get to chronicle your life."

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Camila also mentioned that the record will contain songs about her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Hussey, too. She said: "I was in my first serious relationship at the beginning of this album. That's what inspired Romance and it being about falling in love. All of the stories are my life and what's happened over the past two years." As it stands, we know that 'Shameless' and 'Liar' are about Shawn and Camila's latest single 'Cry for Me' is about Matthew.

Camila is also releasing a fourth track from Romance tomorrow (Oct 11) called 'Easy' and she's already shared a selection of the lyrics. In the chorus, Camila sings: "I always thought I was hard to love till you made it seem so easy / Touch me 'til I find myself, in a feeling / Tell me with your hands that you're never leaving". Could this be one of the new songs about Shawn?

It's currently unclear if Shawn will feature on Romance but, given how successful 'Señorita' is, we wouldn't rule it out.

Would you like Shawn and Camila to collab again?