Camila Cabello says dating Shawn Mendes was "weird" at first

5 November 2019, 12:34

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Camila Cabello also revealed that her new 'Used to This' lyrics are all about falling in love with Shawn Mendes.

Camila Cabello has opened up about dating Shawn Mendes and how her new album Romance will explore their love story.

Over the weekend (Nov 2), Camila Cabello performed songs from Romance for the first time in an exclusive fan event run by Apple Music in LA. As well as singing her biggest hits, 'Havana' and 'Never Be the Same', Camila also performed her recent singles, 'Shameless', 'Liar' and 'Easy', as well as two unreleased songs, 'Used to This' and 'First Man'. During the evening, Camila spoke about the inspiration behind her new music and got candid about her relationship with Shawn Mendes.

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Camila explained that going from friends to lovers with Shawn was "weird" when they first became a couple.

Camila Cabello says dating Shawn Mendes was "weird" at first
Camila Cabello says dating Shawn Mendes was "weird" at first. Picture: Neil Mockford/Getty Images, Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for MTV

Before singing 'Used to This', Camila said: "Oh God, I’m so nervous for this next song because I’ve never sang this before". She then explained that she “went to San Francisco to see the subject of the song” before writing it. Shawmila shippers will likely already know that San Francisco is where the two stars were first spotted kissing in public. In other words, although Camila didn't mention Shawn by name, it was pretty explicit who she was talking about.

Camila then said: "Basically I had this lyric called, ‘It’s gonna take me a minute, but I could get used to this,’ and the song is basically about like when you’re friends with somebody for a really long time, and you know someone for a really long time, and then you start dating them, and then you’re like, ‘Oh my God, like this is so weird,’ ‘cause like, you’ve been my friend forever. But I like it — and I could get used to this.” Our hearts.

The lyrics to the song are even more romantic. Camila sings: “No, I never liked San Francisco, never thought it was nothing special, ’til you kissed me there. No, I never liked windy cities, but I think maybe when you’re with me, I like everywhere."

Pretty much confirming that it's about Shawn, Camila then added: "That was the last song that I wrote for my album and that was the end chapter of Romance". Billie Eilish's brother and producer Finneas co-wrote the song.


As it stands, Camila is yet to announce a release date for Romance. We shall update you as soon as she does.

What do you think? Are you excited to hear Romance?