Shawn Mendes apologises after walking out of a Q&A when asked about 'Señorita'

29 July 2019, 14:31

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Shawn was asked a question by a fan about what inspired him to write 'Señorita' but he didn't answer...

Another day, another video of Shawn Mendes at one of his fan Q&A sessions going viral for the wrong reasons.

If you don't already know, pop prince Shawn holds intimate Q&As with his fans after his gigs across the world. Fans are invited to ask questions, chat and basically just have a chill time with their favourite artist in a small setting. A generous and kind legend. We had to stan.

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Recently, a couple of moments from Shawn's Q&A sessions have sparked a lot of conversation on Twitter. Last week (Jul 19), fans both criticised and defended Shawn after he declined to help a fan come out to their parents. A few days later (Jul 22), he dodged a question about his relationship with rumoured girlfriend Camila Cabello. (Both of which he was totally in the right to do.)

Now, he's being criticised online for appearing to walk out of a Q&A session after a fan asked a question about the inspiration behind his new single 'Señorita'.

Shawn Mendes catches heat following fan Q&A
Shawn Mendes catches heat following fan Q&A. Picture: Dimitrios Kambouris/MG18/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue, @TrackingSM via Twitter

A video of a recent session with Shawn has emerged on several fan accounts that shows a fan asking "what inspired you to write Señorita?"

Shawn then repeats the question, laughs and instead of answering, gets up to leave, saying "I love you guys, have a great time!"

Like we just said, Shawn doesn't have to answer anything that feels too personal to him but fans aren't impressed that he's dodged a seemingly fair question about his actual job.

Fans were quick to call him out, with one saying, "that’s kinda rude that’s like a genuine question I’d be so disappointed if he just left like that jskdjd" and another replying to the video saying "Just imagine spending a lot of money to ask him a question, waiting till your turn and that he just ignores you-"

Others, of course, defended Shawn pointing out that it was the final question of the session and that he shouldn't have to answer anything he doesn't feel comfortable answering.

In a now deleted tweet, Shawn addressed the whole situation and clarified what actually happened. He wrote: "Hey! There was no bad intention here. If you were there you would have known it was the last question & that’s why I decided to turn it into a light hearted funny goodbye! Sorry if that upset anyone, I adore you guys! No need for any negativity."

Shawn Mendes responds to fans who called him out after Q&A
Shawn Mendes responds to fans who called him out after Q&A. Picture: @ShawnMendes via Twitter

Who knew Shawn Mendes Q&As could cause so much drama, eh?