Rihanna's Savage X Fenty line is being called out for having different styles for plus-size women

15 January 2019, 17:44

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Honestly how hard is it for them to go up several sizes?"

When Rihanna dropped her Savage X Fenty line in 2017 it was applauded for being innovative and one of a kind. With women of all colours, all sizes and even a heavily pregnant Slick Woods modelling the barely-there lingerie, it was clear Savage X Fenty had excelled at being inclusive where most other underwear brands – ahem, Victoria's Secret – had failed. However, now the brand is being called out for having different designs for plus-size customers to the main range.

Savage X Fenty recently dropped their Valentine's collection complete with heart nipple pasties and see-through undies. But some noticed the drastic differences in design between the main and plus size ranges.

Two Savage X Fenty models in heart bras.
People have called out Savage X Fenty's designs. Picture: www.savagex.co.uk

Plus size blogger Alysse Dalessandro tweeted two photos of the "Hearts" bralette, which comes in sizes S-XL and sizes 1X-3X. Both are listed separately on the Savage X Fenty website, but it's pretty easy to see that, while there are some similarities, the two models are wearing completely different designs.

The "Hearts Half Cup Bralette" – which comes in sizes S-XL and retails for £44 – shows a lot more skin in comparison to the plus size one "Hearts Bralette" (£39). There's also no half cup option for plus-size customers, nor is there the more covered up bralette in the main range.

"I understand construction cannot always be the same for plus size (especially in lingerie) but I know you can do strappy bralettes in plus," Alysse tweeted. "So why do brands do this?"

Meanwhile, another plus-size activist, Ashleigh Nicole Tribble has been calling out the differences between Savage X Fenty plus and main range sizes since the brand launched. 

"My initial response to the launch of Savage X Fenty and it's positioning and messaging as being size inclusive was the same as everyone else's. I was beyond excited," she told Teen Vogue.

"Rihanna has single-handedly managed to revolutionize the makeup industry by doing what other brands refused to do for so long. And when she announced that she would be creating a size-inclusive lingerie line going beyond a size 18, that's what I thought we were going to have for the reality of Savage X Fenty. Other brands that cater to plus sizes have no problem creating the same, or even sexier, lingerie for plus sizes."

Soon, others were commenting on the stark differences, noting that the plus-size range was "less sexy" and more covered up.

Nonetheless, others weren't here for ANY Fenty slander.

Now, there's no denying that the fashion industry has become more inclusive and it's about time too. However, a lack of "sexier" designs for plus size women only further pushes the idea that more voluptuous women aren't sexy and should cover up.

Despite the backlash, a member of the Savage X Fenty team reached out to Alyssa directly and thanked her for giving her feedback.