Robbie Williams Goes Grey To Film Music Video For New Song 'Go Gentle' In LA

7 October 2013, 16:27 | Updated: 7 October 2013, 16:30

The 'Different' singer has opted for a military style music video for his lead song from 'Swings Both Ways'.

Robbie Williams was spotted showing off a new grey streak in his hair on the set of a new music video out in Los Angeles over the weekend.

The 'Candy' singer was shooting the promo for his new single 'Go Gentle' on Friday (4th October), the lead track from his upcoming album 'Swings Both Ways'.

Robbie has opted for a military theme for the new music video, dressed up in a two-piece Navy style suit and performing on top of a pirate-style galleon.

Check out a picture of Robbie Williams on the set of his new music video below (Credit: Splash):

The UK singer is also backed by a maritime band for the video shoot, which took place at the start of the weekend in downtown Los Angeles.

Check out a picture of Robbie on the set of the shoot (Credit: Splash):

Robbie Williams is set to release new album 'Swings Both Ways' on 18th November.