PSY's 'Gentleman' New Music Video Tops 50 Million Views In Just 48 Hours

15 April 2013, 09:23 | Updated: 15 April 2013, 09:30

The 'Gangnam Style' star's latest video is on course to be another big success already.

PSY's newly unveiled music video for 'Gentleman' has scored over 50 million views on YouTube in just two days.

The South Korean rapper unveiled the video for his follow-up to 'Gangnam Style' over the weekend, and is already well on his way to another smash viral sensation.

The video for 'Gentleman' features another memorable dance routine and features PSY performing very unlike a gentleman as he pulls off pranks on various people.

'Gentleman' was launched over the weekend (13th April) and has already reached 52,981,900 views on YouTube in just 48 hours.

Check out a picture of PSY in the video for 'Gentleman' below:

PSY's previous worldwide hit 'Gangnam Style' is currently the most watched video of all time on YouTube, with views of over 1.5 billion.

PSY released 'Gentleman' as his new single over the weekend.