Plan B's high hopes for 2011

Plan B's certainly enjoying 2011.

He's already won a BRIT and put on some stunning performances but the star says there's plenty more to come,

"This year's been wicked, everything’s getting bigger and better, but it’s all gonna end when my new album comes out, it’s gonna be underground hip-hop and no-one’s gonna care about that. That’s the next thing that’s happening, so while I’m getting these nice opportunities I’m gonna take advantage of them because I’m going back underground on the next one."

And then looking ahead to 2012, he's got his eyes set on the big screen and his movie Ill Manners.

"The film will be out next year, I’m gonna spend this year just trying to get it the best I can, Ill Manners, check it out 2012, yeah the year that the world is gonna end, check out Ill Manners!"