Cardi B's Paris Fashion Week outfit is being called out for double standards

30 September 2019, 12:06

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

In France it’s currently illegal for Muslim women to cover their faces in public.

Cardi B served up a variety of bold lewks for Paris Fashion Week – but nothing quite like her Richard Quinn outfit. The 'Press' rapper rocked the British designer's floral creation from head-to-toe…literally.

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From her heels to her gloves, Cardi's entire body was covered in bright, patterned fabric, including her face. In true Cardi fashion, she caused a commotion as she strutted down the street in front of the Eiffel Tower, whilst the paparazzi tried to take pictures of her.

Cardi B attends the Thom Browne Womenswear Spring/Summer 2020 show as part of Paris Fashion Week.
Cardi B attends the Thom Browne Womenswear Spring/Summer 2020 show as part of Paris Fashion Week. Picture: Pierre Suu/Getty Images, @iamcardib via Instagram

"I heard you bitches were missing me at Fashion Week New York," she said in a video posted on her Instagram page. "I'm here to serve it to you motherfuckers and serve it to you cold."

She added: "You bitches could really never. Make sure a car don't hit me, 'cause a bitch can’t see."

Although Cardi appeared to be just innocently rocking her designer of choice, some saw a huge problem with her ensemble – it's actually illegal to wear a full face covering in public in France.

France was the first European country to impose the ban in April 2011 and the law was criticised for being anti-Muslim. The law was imposed so that anyone could be clearly identified, which meant Muslim women could no longer wear the burka (a veil that covers the face and body) or niqab (a veil that covers the entire face but shows the eyes in public. If you break the law you can end up with a fine of up to €150. You may also have to participate in citizenship education.

Some fans complained that it was a double standard for Cardi to be able to cover her face in public for fashion, while Muslim women are penalised for it.

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