Paramore's New Urban Outfitters Collection Is Aesthetic AF

30 May 2018, 16:58

Paramore Urban Outfitters Collection
Picture: Urban Outfitters
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The new 'After Laughter' collection is in stores now!

Hello, Paramore fans; we've got some good news and some bad news for you. Remember that limited edition Paramore x Urban Outfitters collection? Well, the band have officially brought it back back back again and it looks AMAZING.

Yep, Paramore are back with a brand new collection at UO and every single piece is aesthetic AF. So far, the collection includes a 'Rose Colored Boy' sweater, three t-shirts (one 'Hayley' print UO online exclusive) and a god damn Beret with 'After Laughter' stitched onto the side in yellow.

Prices start at $29.00 for the t-shirts and $59.00 for the sweater. The beret is $34.00 and is the best damn investment you'll ever make in your life. (Honestly, if you wanna serve your best ever Hayley Williams lewk on the next Parahoy cruise, then you need to get your hands on that beret ASAP.)

And now for the bad news: so far, the collection is only available in the US. Anyone who lives outside of the States and is looking to get their hands on anything from the collection, sorry about it. No word if it will be available outside of the US at a later date so for now, you'll just have to sit and admire it from a far. Or start sliding into the DMs of your Stateside relatives.

Shop the whole collection at Urban Outfitters here.