Is Olivia Rodrigo releasing an album called Sweet? The theory explained

1 June 2021, 15:02

Olivia Rodrigo plays unreleased song

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Thanks to some Taylor Swift-level easter eggs, fans are speculating about Olivia Rodrigo releasing a possible sister album to Sour.

Olivia Rodrigo: Pop sensation, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star and Taylor Swift protégé who is now taking her Swiftie duties to a whole 'nother level, so it would seem.

By now, you will have no doubt heard at least one of Olivia's new songs from her debut album Sour. Sour was a massive hit with fans as soon as it dropped, debuting at No. 1 on Billboard's 200 chart and cementing Olivia's legacy in the break-up anthem hall of fame. (Can we get a little commotion for 'Drivers License' and 'Good 4 U' puhhhlease?)

However, dear readers, some TikTok users have now deduced that there may be some Swift-level easter eggs lurking in the Sour promotional campaign that could hint at a possible sister album called Sweet. The evidence? A batch of unreleased songs and the limited edition Olivia Rodrigo x Sour Patch Kids collab.

Is Olivia Rodrigo releasing an album called Sweet?

Olivia Rodrigo Sweet album: All the theories explained
Olivia Rodrigo Sweet album: All the theories explained. Picture: Interscope Records, @oliviarodrigo via Instagram

So, what's going on then? How have the TikTok sleuths come to the conclusion that another Olivia Rodrigo album is possibly on the way? And why is it rumoured to be called Sweet? Let's investigate...

The theory first started over on TikTok, when @codyjohnathan pointed out that none of the love songs that Olivia has teased on social media over the past year or so were included on Sour.

Of course, that makes total sense given the whole 'heartbreak' theme of the album. Olivia also previously explained that she decided to stick with the heartbreak theme and keep those love songs in the vault for another record. Another record that some people think might be coming sooner than we thought...

As for the name Sweet? Well, apart from obvious explanation that it's the opposite of Sour, Olivia previously explained that she loved the idea of "something really sweet and wonderful just going horribly wrong." The unreleased love songs could fit into that narrative, as a prequel or a sequel to Sour.

Then there's the Sour Patch Kids collab. Olivia teamed up with Sour Patch Kids for a limited edition box to celebrate the release of her album Sour. Coincidentally, the slogan for Sour Patch Kids is 'Sour then Sweet'.

Olivia dropping Sour first, and then following up with Sweet a few months later? It does make sense, your honour.

Olivia has already leaned into Taylor Swift's penchant for a good easter egg and a hidden reference, so it's easy to understand why fans have come up with the Sweet theory.

Back in April, Olivia posted a picture of herself in a cheerleader outfit, next to a school locker with the numbers '514' and '6' on it, alongside a single emoji caption. Fans managed to decode the image, which turned out to be track 6 from the album ('Good 4 U'), with May 14th as the release date.

As far as clues go, it was a pretty easy one to crack. But now that Olivia has entered the Easter Egg chat, fans have been keeping an eye out for absolutely everything.

On May 25th, Olivia released a live performance of 'Favorite Crime' with Vevo Lift on YouTube. In the performance, she sat on top of a house with the number '1785'. Taking her recently numerology escapades into account, fans theorised that this could be a hint at another potential release date for new music. 1+7 = 8 and 5+8 =13. 8/13? August 13th. Which also happens to be a Friday.

Olivia Rodrigo - favorite crime (Live Performance) | Vevo LIFT

And there you have it. Whether or not Olivia will drop another album in 2021 remains to be seen, but when she eventually decides to release those love songs she's got stashed away in the vault... it'll be over for us all.

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