Read the lyrics of Olivia Rodrigo’s two unreleased songs in Driving Home 2 U

25 March 2022, 12:56

Watch Olivia Rodrigo’s Driving Home 2 U - A Sour Film trailer

By Sam Prance

Olivia Rodrigo originally wrote 'Crying in the Parking Lot' and 'Baby Is You' for Sour and the lyrics will make you cry.

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Olivia Rodrigo fans are desperate for her to release two unreleased songs that she teased in her new film Driving Home 2 U.

After weeks of anticipation, Olivia finally released her new documentary Driving Home 2 U: A Sour Film today (Mar 25). In the movie, Olivia opens up about everything from the breakup that inspired Sour to the reason why she tried to scrap 'Deja Vu' four days before releasing it. Olivia also performs the entire album alongside footage of her making Sour in the studio.

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Perhaps most excitingly, Olivia plays clips of two unreleased songs in the film. Now fans are begging her to release 'Crying in the Parking Lot', which appears midway through the movie, and 'Baby Is You', which appears during the end credits.

What are Olivia's unreleased songs about?

Olivia Rodrigo: Read the lyrics of her two new songs in Driving Home 2 U
Olivia Rodrigo: Read the lyrics of her two new songs in Driving Home 2 U. Picture: Amy Sussman/FilmMagic, Disney

Olivia Rodrigo - 'Crying in the Parking Lot' lyrics

The first unreleased song we hear in Driving Home 2 U is 'Crying in the Parking Lot'. Olivia is shown writing in the studio with her producer Dan Nigro and he plays her a clip of the first song they wrote together. The song is a heartbreaking ballad with epic production not too dissimilar to 'Drivers License'. Olivia says: "I remember that day I was so sad."

The lyrics to 'Crying in the Parking Lot' go:

Crying in the parking lot, you don't know what you want
Gave you everything, I guess everything ain't enough
You say you lost your best friend, how do you think I feel?
You say it's over again, but this time it's real

Olivia doesn't explain why she didn't release the song but it seems likely that it's because she later bested it with 'Drivers License'. Nevertheless, fans want her to release it. It's me. I am fans.

One fan tweeted: "I'm demanding Miss Olivia release that song her producer played i want to be crying in a parking lot."

Olivia Rodrigo - 'Baby Is You' lyrics

Olivia also includes a demo of an unreleased song called 'Baby Is You' in the credits of Driving Home 2 U. Discussing it with Rolling Stone, Olivia explained: "I was listening to some of [my unreleased Sour songs] and heard it and thought, ‘Oh, it’s kind of good!’ With the film, I wanted people to have a new bit of Sour content with it."

The lyrics to 'Baby Is You' are:

I know you're with somebody new
But I can't write a song that's not all about you
It's not fair baby
How come it's so easy?
For you to forget everything that you ever said
Like how I was the best girl that you ever met
Guess you take it back
Should have expected that

When I say I'm fine I'm lyin really well
Cause I can't love anyone else
And I'm so jealous that you can
Scared I'll never feel that again
Cause I still can't call anyone baby
Cause baby is still you to me
Don't you think I wanna move on too
But I can't love anyone the way I loved you

Olivia previously teased the song in a 2020 interview on her website. She was asked what her favourite song she had ever written was and she said: "It's called 'Baby Is You' and it's a very singer-songwriter country-type song. I was really into Taylor Swift's older music at the time. I think it tells a story really well. Stay tuned for that!'

Naturally, fans also want Olivia to release 'Baby Is You' now. One wrote: "NEW SONG IN THE CREDITS OH MY GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH MY GOD?????? WHAT THE FUCK release it now."

As it stands, Olivia is yet to reveal if she has any plans on releasing either 'Crying in the Parking Lot' or 'Baby Is You' in any official capacity. Although, given that she's already started working on her second album, we may have to settle with the snippets we've got.

What do you think? Would you like Olivia to release her unreleased songs?

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