Olivia Rodrigo fan shocked after man "dumps" 9-year-old daughter on her at Guts tour

27 February 2024, 17:25

Olivia Rodrigo reveals her original Get Him Back and All American Bitch lyrics

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"This 'dad' literally dumped his crying nine year old daughter with us because he bought her tickets but didn’t want to sit through the concert."

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Olivia Rodrigo's Guts World Tour has just kicked off to hugely positive reviews and fans are loving every second of it so far.

TikTok is full of viral videos, including Olivia performing the original explicit lyrics to 'All American Bitch' and attempting her own mini Mute Challenge in the middle of 'bad idea, right?' On top of that, one fan's reported bizarre experience has also now gone viral on X/Twitter.

A fan who attended the show in Phoenix, Arizona on February 24th has shared what happened after a random dad apparently "dumped" his 9-year-old daughter with her at the start of the show, leaving her alone in the arena without an accompanying adult.

The heartbreaking thread has now gone viral, with over 10 million views and 144,000 likes.

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Olivia Rodrigo fans goes viral with story about young fan allegedly left by her father at Guts concert
Olivia Rodrigo fans goes viral with story about young fan allegedly left by her father at Guts concert. Picture: Catherine Powell/Getty Images for MTV, Christopher Polk/Billboard via Getty Images

X/Twitter user @unrealshrike posted her account of what allegedly happened at the concert. In the post, she wrote: "I’m at the olivia rodrigo show and this 'dad' literally dumped his crying nine year old daughter with us because he bought her tickets but didn’t want to sit through the concert and needed someone to walk her to her seat."

The post continued: "We tried cheering her up by asking her her her favorite olivia and taylor [Swift] songs and we made her she was safe in her seat and has our numbers in case anything happens but the carelessness and incompetence is so disgusting knowing girl is going to grow up and remember her father couldn’t be bothered to sit through a concert with her and left her crying with a group of girls telling her that she’s 'independent' and 'will be fine' breaks my heart"."

People quickly responded to the story, expressing absolute shock over the situation. In reply to one person who couldn't believe the child was left with strangers, @unrealshrike added: "Yep he told us she had her phone and he could see her location on life 360 and that she was 'independent' and only needed help getting to her seat all while she was crying and begging with him not to leave."

She then claimed that the father's parting words to his daughter were "you’ll be fine i’m gonna take a nap in the car I’ll see you after the show". She also said that the dad gave them "no option to say no" and "just passed his crying child off to two 24 year old girls".

In a follow up post, the fan later shared more details to the story, explaining that the dad apparently did not share his name or number with her, nor did he tell her the name of the "visibly distraught" child.

"In the moment my friend and I were both very taken aback, not believing this was actually happening, and mostly focused on trying to get the little girl to feel more comfortable and safe," they continued.

She said that they approached venue staff about the situation, adding: "We took the little girl past the gate and told venue staff her father left her and asked us to escort her to her seat. Staff did not mention anything about contacting authorities just gave us directions to her section, and told us someone will keep an eye on her."

The fans say they ended up walking the child to her seat, and gave her their phone numbers and told her to contact them if she got lost or if anything happened.

At the end of the show, they say they waited but the child did not contact them. "It wasn’t the most responsible call but we’re assuming she was either escorted to her dad by venue staff or made it to parking on her own," she wrote.

Per Live Nation's age restrictions, anyone aged 14 or under must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over at Olivia's show.

No other reports of the situation from people in the same seating area have been shared on social media. The fan has also called out people "trying to gaslight me and others into believing this is normal or that it never happened". People in the replies have praised the way the fan handled the situation.

As mentioned in the post above, the fan has stated that she will not be sharing the girl’s name or any "identifying details" in order to protect her privacy.

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