Olivia Rodrigo accused of "ripping off" Rina Sawayama with Brutal video

24 August 2021, 11:28

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Rina Sawayama fans have noticed similarities between Olivia Rodrigo's Brutal video and the XS visual.

Olivia Rodrigo is currently coming under fire over accusations that she has ripped off Rina Sawayama with the 'Brutal' video.

Yesterday (Aug 23), Olivia Rodrigo surprised fans by releasing a visual for Sour's popular opening track 'Brutal'. Directed by Petra Collins, who Olivia previously worked with on the 'Good 4 U' video, 'Brutal' sees Olivia let out her teen angst as she plays a variety of different characters: schoolgirl, newsreader, social media star, ballet dancer and overworked popstar.

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People were quick to praise the video, however, Rina Sawayama fans are calling it out for how similar it is to her 'XS' visual.

Compare Olivia Rodrigo and Rina's videos below.

Olivia Rodrigo - brutal (Official Video)

Rina Sawayama - XS (Official Video)

In the popstar scenes of the 'Brutal' video, Olivia can be seen manically doing product placement for a fake drink called 'The Golden Years'. Fans immediately noticed that it was reminiscent of scenes in Rina's XS music video in which she also does advertising for a fake drink. People also pointed out that Olivia's newsreader scene is almost exactly the same as Rina's right down to the outfits.

In response to the video, Rina fans began sharing side by side shots comparing the two. One person tweeted: "Look I love Olivia Rodrigo but why does a lot of this feel like a direct rip off of Rina Sawayama visuals?" Another fan wrote: "Olivia not only copied rina in the mv, she also did the SAME intro to the song as xs, think abt it [sic]".

Whether Olivia or Petra, her music video director, consciously took inspiration from Rina is yet to be revealed. As it stands, Olivia and Rina are yet to respond to the comparisons. We shall update you if they do.

What do you think? Did Olivia copy Rina?