Olivia Rodrigo fans defend 'All American Bitch' over Miley Cyrus 'Start All Over' comparisons

11 September 2023, 15:19

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

People think that Olivia Rodrigo's 'All American Bitch' sounds similar to Miley Cyrus' 'Start All Over'.

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Olivia Rodrigo fans are defending her after her song 'All American Bitch' has been compared to Miley Cyrus' 'Start All Over'.

Ever since Olivia Rodrigo started releasing music, she's been very open about the artists who've inspired her. However, this has led to people comparing her music to other artists and accusing her of copying them. Speaking to Teen Vogue in 2021, Olivia said: "I think it’s disappointing to see people take things out of context and discredit any young woman’s work."

Now Olivia has released her new album Guts, people have noticed similarities between her song 'All American Bitch' and Miley Cyrus' 'Start All Over'. However, Olivia fans are now calling out the comparisons and asking people to let her live.

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Olivia Rodrigo fans defend 'All American Bitch' over Miley Cyrus 'Start All Over' comparisons
Olivia Rodrigo fans defend 'All American Bitch' over Miley Cyrus 'Start All Over' comparisons. Picture: Geffen Records, Hollywood Records

In a viral video comparing the chorus of 'All American Bitch' to 'Start All Over', someone tweeted: "Is miley getting a credit". While there are similarities in the production and chord progression, the melodies are actually different. The video has since been viewed over 1.7 million times with thousands of people wading into the conversation.

Miley released 'Start All Over' in 2008 as part of her Meet Miley Cyrus album. However, what fans may not realise is that she didn't actually write the song. It was written for her by Fefe Dobson, Anne Preven and Scott Cutler. As a result, even if 'All American Bitch' had sampled 'Start All Over', Miley wouldn't have been credited on it.

Rushing to Olivia's defence, one person called out the video for editing the two songs so that they sounded more similar to each other. They tweeted: "If you have to speed up and pitch the song to make it sound similar.. then it’s not similar.. constantly doing this will ruin the music industry.'

Another wrote: "Why is everyone obsessed with this girl’s music credits getting stripped from her… leave her alone idk."

As it stands, Olivia is yet to comment on the comparisons but it's worth reiterating that many songs sound similar without actually copying each other. So, maybe just enjoy the music?

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