Zayn just sang One Direction's Night Changes and fans are in an absolute shambles

16 August 2022, 15:25

Zayn surprises 1D fans with ‘Night Changes’ cover

Emma Kershaw

By Emma Kershaw

Does it ever drive you crazy? I SAID, DOES IT EVER DRIVE YOU CRAZY????

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2022 has treated us to many a One Direction throwback, whether it’s that audition tape (all together now: “Heyyy, soul sister…”) or Niall Horan beaming from ear-to-ear while watching Harry Styles sing 'What Makes You Beautiful' at Wembley Stadium as part of his Love On Tour concerts this summer.

What fans didn’t expect to see in 2022, however, was Zayn Malik singing One Direction tunes on his Instagram — not once, but twice.

Yesterday (Aug 15), Zayn took to the platform to perform a short solo rendition of 1D’s 'Night Changes', seven years after he made his monumental exit from the band.

Zayn Malik performs One Direction's Night Changes on Instagram
Zayn Malik performs One Direction's Night Changes on Instagram. Picture: Syco/Columbia, @zaynmalik via Instagram

The black and white 30-second clip shows Zayn resting his head on a table as he began singing the 2014 hit which was released just one year before his departure from the boy band.

“If i had a nickel for every time zayn sang a one direction song in 2022, i’d have two nickels. which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice [sic],” one person commented on the clip, which has now received over 63,200 likes from other fans agreeing that Zayn’s feelings towards his time in the band might have slightly changed.

Another wrote: “Zayn singing 1D songs in 2022 is literally the best thing could ever happen.”

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Zayn Malik treats followers to One Direction song

With this new video, fans have been quick to speculate possible meanings behind Zayn’s recent posts, which are a far cry away from the comments he's made since embarking on his solo career in March 2015.

"BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ARE YOU SERIOUS IM [sic] CRYING," one fan reacted. Another user commented saying, "they’re getting back together i’m telling you."

Back in June, Zayn broke the internet when he posted a video belting out his high note from 'You & I'. "ZAYN YOU HAVE SUMMONED THE WHOLE FANDOM,” one person commented at the time. “ARE WE OKAY??? IS EVERYONE BREATHING???” a second said, while a third wrote: “This has saved my 2022”.

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