Niall Horan Revealed Which 1D Member Would Bail Him Out Of Jail But Fans Aren't Having Any Of It

7 September 2017, 14:00

One Direction in Jail

Would he be your first choice?

Let's get this straight, it is highly unlikely any of the 1D boys will ever get locked up...unless being talented af is now a crime right?! BUT theoretically if Niall did end up in jail, who'd you put money on to come and collect him?

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Well, when asked about it, Niall had an answer that surprised many:

Niall was quick to reply, revealing, ""Louis would come and get me one hundred percent. The others boys would be too busy."

Adding, "He'd have to get from England if I was arrested here [in Ireland]. It probably would take him ages. He'd probably send me an Uber actually, with cash in an envelope."

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Louis would be a pretty sound choice, no doubt about that...however fans aren't convinced!

Can we just rewind the clock one more time to remember how incredible 1D's 'History' video was...n'awww.