Niall Horan Shares His Concerns As Harry Styles Reveals He Recently Went Under The Knife

12 September 2017, 15:58

The Irish lad seemed really worried about his fellow 1D bandmate.

With 1D on hiatus (STILL!), the guys have taken to solo careers, although they all still seem to be in touch with each other every now and again.

However Niall recently admitted he hadn't spoken to Harry for a couple of weeks and shared his concerns as he'd seen Mr Styles being pictured wearing a bandage on his wrist.

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In true Niall style, his thoughtful nature shone through when asked whether he'd spoken to his pal recently.

Niall responded, "I was actually gonna text him and ask him what's going on with his hand." He went on to say, "He was wearing a bandage around his hand, that's only in the last few days cos I haven't spoken to him probably in a couple of weeks."

Check out the video above to see Nialler being worried about his bud!


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Of course in true Harry Style, on the same day that Niall revealed his concern, Harry explained exactly why he was wearing the wrist bandage and it turns out it was because he went under the surgeon's knife.

Speaking to Australian station Nova, Harry explained, "I had a little bit of surgery on my wrist", before revealing that the cause was "tight tendons. They just clipped it."

 Harry went on to say, "I said before I went in, I was like 'I need to play guitar in 2 weeks, is that alright?' and he was like, 'no problem'.

Fans had been concerned about Harry's wrist and took to Twitter to voice their concerns about the star's injury...

We bet the person who'll be most relieved that Harry's injury isn't serious will be Niall!

It's all good Niall, your boy will be back to full health very soon.

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