Ne-Yo Confirms David Guetta Collaboration For's Album '#willpower' – Video

19 July 2012, 07:05 | Updated: 19 July 2012, 10:49

The R&B star tells Capital the artists all got together for a track on the Black Eyed Peas man's new record.

Ne-Yo has confirmed that's upcoming new studio album will feature a collaboration from himself and David Guetta.

The 'Beautiful Monster' singer told that the Black Eyed Peas man is a "genuinely good person" and was thrilled to work with someone he regards as a "musical genius".

"[I] got in with Will for his new album, actually it was me Will and David Guetta that did something together," he revealed. "[He's] another musical genius that's just a genuinely good person – that's"

The R&B star added that he has been incredibly lucky to work with some great artists in the past and ranks Will as one of the best.

"I've come to find that for whatever reason God has put me in the presence of a lot of people that have good heads on their shoulders and Will is definitely one of those people," he declared.

"He's not conceded, he's not cocky – he's about the music and I feel those are the people that win because those are the people that are doing it for the right reason," added Ne-Yo.

You can watch Ne-Yo speaking to Capital about working with below:

Will has already confirmed that his new album will feature collaborations with the likes of LMFAO, Justin Bieber and Nicole Scherzinger.

Ne-Yo also recently told Capital that he is helping write songs for inclusion on Rihanna's forthcoming album.