Cardi B shows off her natural hair after growing it out

17 January 2020, 15:22

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

*puts down curling tongs*

We all know, Cardi B loves her wigs and sports them with pride. If you remember, last year Cardi got a little carried away during a performance at Wireless Festival in London, whipping off her wig and throwing it into the crowd. She later requested her beloved hair piece back on Instagram – hey, wigs are expensive.

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Well, Cardi has been rocking the more natural look recently. On Thursday (16 Jan), the rapper shared a photo of her natural hair on Twitter and it looks so good.

Cardi B Natural Hair
Cardi B Natural Hair. Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images, @iamcardib via Twitter

In the selfie, Cardi appears to be in a luxury hotel room. She's currently in Paris, France, for Paris Men's Fashion Week with her husband Offset. The Love & Hip-Hop NY star is wearing casual clothes and covering her face, allowing her flowing brunette locks to become the star of the photo. Cardi's hair looks incredibly healthy and reaches well below her shoulders. "I got that shlonggg," she captioned the image.

Like Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner, Cardi has been open about how hard the celebrity life can be on your precious follicles. In July 2019, a photo of Cardi with braids left her fans wondering if her hairline had been affected by her extensive wig use. And in an Instagram video (which has now been deleted) from May 2018, Cardi said that her natural hair had been damaged from spending so much time in braids.

"I haven't really been taking care of my natural hair," she explained. "I just be leaving it in braids for such a long time and changing wigs, but since I'm gonna be home more often, I'm going to be taking care of my natural hair by myself. I promise you, this shit makes your hair grow to be so healthy and beautiful." Well, whatever Cardi's doing, it's clearly working.

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And the secret to Cardi's inches? Just have a baby. Apparently, Cardi's hair, skin and nails improved when she was pregnant with her daughter Kulture, one.

"Do you see what my child is doing to me?" she said in an Instagram video. "Do you see my muthafuckin' hair? This shit is growing.

"You see my skin? A bitch looks like I put moisturiser on but I just woke up."