Nadine Coyle says she never called Cheryl Cole a failure

Nadine says the story of her slating her Girls Aloud mate is a lie.

After celebrating her birthday in New York last week, Nadine Coyle was reportedly overheard calling Cheryl Cole a failure.

But Nadine says the story and quotes are completely false.

"Not true," Nadine tweeted. "Stop using me as the scape goat for lack of stories."

Nadine was drinking with friends to mark turning 26 and was alleged to have said she has "more talent in her little finger" when compared to Cheryl.

But Nadine has defended herself saying the the story was a fake, meanwhile Cheryl Cole remains in hiding since being ditched from the US X Factor judging panel.

Nadine Coyle's new single 'Sweetest High' is out now.