N-Dubz star slams university fees.

N-Dubz star Tulisa Contostavlos has been airing her views regarding the current increase in university tuition fees through her Twitter page.

The singer wrote: "I've stayed quiet for too long, I can't believe that the government have got away with putting up university fees!

"How dare they think it's acceptable to keep the poor poor and the rich rich, when employment is at the lowest it's ever been, people don't choose the background they come from, why is it ok to take away any opportunity they have to make something of themselves! It's disgusting!"

She continued with: "I'm serious I'm speaking to the people that deal with my press and seeing how I can get involved, I don't know much about politics or the full story on the situation but I am willing to learn and help fight this! I am disgusted, WHO'S WITH ME?"

The star followed her rant by contacting the National Union Of Students to ask how she can get involved.