Mike Posner "Mum's in charge"

Mike Posner's been chatting to Rich and Kat about signing his record deal and his new album '31 Minutes to Take Off'.

Last Sunday Mike went into The Big Top 40's top ten with his debut single 'Cooler Than You', and the 22 year old could continue his climb to the top this week?

Mike told Rich and Kat how he signed his first record deal while he was still at school,

"I signed a record deal while still in school and my mum made it very clear to me to that I was going to be returning for my fourth and final year"

His album '31 Minutes to Take Off' will be out in February but he wouldn't really say why it was '31 Minutes'. You can find out more in the second part of the interview below.

Mike Posner - Part 1

Mike Posner - Part 2