McFly "Touring is what we live for"

McFly are getting ready for their 2011 "Above the Noise" UK Arena Tour.

Tom, Dougie, Harry and Danny are getting ready to tour the UK for the first time in 3 years, starting on March 12th which includes a night at Wembley Arena. " It's always special playing Wembley as I used to go check out loads of my favourite bands when I was growing up," admitted Tom.
After an amazing performance at Capital's Jingle Bell Ball, the McFly lads are promising "one hell of a show." Tom told us, " touring is what we do, it's our favourite part of our job and it's what we all live for. We want everyone to be part of the show and we love to go nuts with the production when it comes to arenas. We want everyone in that arena to be involved as our fans are not just coming to watch a band, they'recoming to watch a show."
So what's it like being on stage?  Tom admitted " it can be quite scary on stage as you know that you can't stand in certain places due to the pyros and explosions. In fact, Danny almost lost his eyebrows the other day as a pyro went off just in front of his face. He laughed at the time, but then realised that he couldn't sing the first verse of Party Girl..."
The band also admitted to us that they love taking control of all the artistic detail, from the costumes to the design of their backstage passes! Harry told us " We've never worried too much about what we wear on stage, it's more about comfort." But Tom might change the band, he told us " I wanna do a costume change after every song, like they do at awards shows. But we really appreciate our fans coming out to support us, after 7 years, we're still so grateful that they come to see our shows."
So what are the lads doing for Christmas? Dougie (recently single after splitting from Frankie Saturdays ) will spend it with family and Harry confessed that he'll be at home with his family and pets, who all buy him a Christmas present. "I always get a present from my dog Percy and even my chickens give me presents, coutesy of my Mum." Danny said " I am spending it with my family and girlfriend and you know what, I sing a lot at Christmas. I'll sing around the table and I'll sing and talk to my dog Bruce!" Tom will also be a popular lad as he finished his Christmas shopping weeks ago and even bought stockings for his cats. Yes, this band truly love their pets..!
Dougie is currently living with Tom, after splitting with Frankie, so have the other lads been supportive? " Yes, the boys have been great and living with Tom is fun. We end up watching Christmas movies and the other day I literally sat in my trackie bottoms and watched 8 hours of Two and half Men and drank Tom's booze. We have fun."
So what does 2011 have in store for McFly? Harry fans can also look forward to more photos of the drummer in the January issue of Attitude magazine, his second appearance in a year. But for Tom, it's all about playing live: " Tour, tour, tour, we're going everywhere around the World and Europe- hopefully we're going to be everywhere."

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