The 1975's Matty Healy makes fun of Yungblud calling him out for his Ice Spice comments

20 February 2023, 12:33

Matty Healy makes fun of Yungblud

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Matty Healy recently came under fire after a controversial podcast appearance.

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The 1975's Matty Healy has made a video mocking Yungblud after Yungblud called him out for his remarks about Ice Spice.

Earlier this month (Feb 10), Matty Healy came under fire after appearing as a guest on The Adam Friedland Show podcast. In the episode, the hosts make numerous problematic comments involving everyone from Harry Styles to P!nk. Matty can be heard engaging with the hosts and even laughing at their comments. His actions lead to widespread backlash online.

As it stands, Matty is yet to apologise for the podcast episode. However, he's now made fun of Yungblud for criticising him.

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The 1975's Matty Healy makes fun of Yungblud calling him out for his Ice Spice comments
The 1975's Matty Healy makes fun of Yungblud calling him out for his Ice Spice comments. Picture: Mike Marsland/WireImage, Dominique Charriau/WireImage, Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

During the podcast, Matty reveals that he's sent DMs to Ice Spice. Matty and both of the hosts then begin speculating about Ice Spice's race. Adam Friedland and Nick Mullen suggest that she is Inuit or Chinese and do multiple problematic accents, all while Matty can be heard laughing. Ice Spice is actually from the Bronx and is of Dominican and Nigerian descent.

Shortly after the episode came out, Yungblud took to Twitter to call out Matty by tweeting: "love listening to three privileged white dudes sit around and objectify a young black female artist who’s blowing up. welcome to your 30’s i guess …"

The tweet was liked over 13,000 times with many people agreeing with his comments.

Now, Matty has appeared to respond to Yungblud by doing an impression of him on his Instagram stories.

In the new viral video, Matty puts on Yungblud's Doncaster accents and says: "You alright guys! I'm so fucking angry 'cause someone's blown themselves up in the Ukraine and we're not gonna stand for that 'cause we're the fucking children of the fucking underated youth fucking generation and that's what we stand for."

Mocking Yungblud further, Matty says: "I don't stand for stuff, I stand against stuff. There's not a particular thing that I stand for. I just stand against stuff and it tends to be the most morally obvious stuff that everyone stands for. Fuck the patriarchy!"

You can watch Matty's Instagram video at the top of this page. As it stands, Yungblud is yet to respond to Matty. We shall update you if he does.

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