The 1975's Matty Healy faces backlash over Harry Styles queerbaiting comments

10 February 2023, 13:25

The 1975’s Matty Healy snogs fan at concert

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Matty Healy appears to have deleted his Twitter account following the backlash.

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The 1975's Matty Healy is being called out for queerbaiting comments he's made about Harry Styles and Pink on a podcast.

Matty Healy is no stranger to controversy. Over the course of the past few months alone, The 1975 singer has trended online for a whole variety of reasons. From eating a raw steak on stage to kissing his fans while performing, Matty regularly makes headlines for his antics. Just recently, Matty went viral for sucking a fan's thumb during one of The 1975's concerts.

Now, Matty is coming under fire for saying Harry Styles gets a queerbaiting "pass" because young girls like him so much.

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The 1975's Matty Healy faces backlash over Harry Styles queerbaiting comments
The 1975's Matty Healy faces backlash over Harry Styles queerbaiting comments. Picture: Apple Music, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Harry Styles

Yesterday (Feb 9), Matty Healy appeared as a guest on The Adam Friedland Show podcast. In the interview, Matty said: "Did you see that Pink's getting cancelled for looking like a lesbian for her career and now that's being regarded as queerbaiting? Loads of 18 year olds are being like, 'She's done irreparable damage to the lesbian community'."

Matty seemed to be referring to a recent TikTok video in which @bingodaddyy says that Pink has "done irreparable damage to the lesbian community". However, it looks like Matty did not realise that @bingodaddyy was joking in the video and not seriously accusing Pink of queerbaiting.

Adam Friedland then asked Matty: "Why do they let Harry Styles do that?" Matty replied: "He gets a pass, I don't know... I actually don't think the gays really like it, it's young girls that think it's a new thing that are like, 'Oh my God'."

Adam and his co-host Nick Mullen then made numerous homophobic remarks. For example, Adam said: "Gay men don't have a problem with somebody pretending to be gay, they just jack off to it."

In response, Matty said: "Yeah. Maybe it's not all gay guys but it's a lot of them."

The Adam Friedland Show Ep. P05 | Matty Healy

While it appears that the hosts made the majority of problematic remarks on the podcast and Matty wasn't actively accusing Harry or Pink of queerbaiting (Harry has actually never labelled his sexuality), Matty is facing criticism for what he said and for guesting on the podcast in the first place.

One fan tweeted: "Matty Healy practice what u preach challenge… maybe don’t do performance art commenting on toxic masculinity if you’re only gonna turn around and feed right into it."

Another added: "This Matty Healy podcast genuinely sounds like listening to a group of sex deprived teenage boys. It’s actually terrifying - the misogyny, homophobic vocabulary and overall derogatory tones of the entire thing is so so concerning. What the fuck has happened to this man?"

As it stands, Matty is yet to address the backlash. However, he has deleted his Twitter account. We shall keep you posted with any updates.

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