5SOS call out fans bullying Luke Hemmings' girlfriend Sierra Deaton for her looks

18 September 2019, 12:48

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

5 Seconds of Summer fans were making fun of Sierra Deaton's looks on Twitter.

5 Seconds of Summer have asked fans to stop making offensive comments about Luke Hemmings' girlfriend Sierra Deaton.

Longterm fans of 5 Seconds of Summer will already know that 5SOS lead vocalist Luke Hemmings and X Factor USA winner Sierra Deaton have been Instagram official since July last year. The adorable couple often share candid selfies and videos of each other on Instagram alongside heartfelt captions about what they mean to each other. Sierra recently called Luke her "soul mate" and Luke wrote to Sierra: "You make me the happiest ever and I’m so thankful to have you in my life!"

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However, some members of the 5SOS army have been bullying Sierra and now 5SOS have called them out.

5SOS call out trolls bullying Luke Hemmings' girlfriend Sierra Deaton for her looks
5SOS call out trolls bullying Luke Hemmings' girlfriend Sierra Deaton for her looks. Picture: @sierradeaton via Instagram, @Luke5SOS via Twitter

This morning (Sep 18), a 5SOS fan tweeted a photo of Sierra comparing her to Abby Mallard, a bucktoothed duck character from Disney's Chicken Little. Abby is also known as The Ugly Duckling. The fan tagged Sierra in the tweet as well. It wasn't long before other fans noticed the tweet and began criticising the original fan for posting it. 5SOS then noticed the tweet themselves and addressed it.

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Taking to Twitter, Luke responded to it by writing: "I see stuff like this too often. It makes me sad women make other women feel like they’re not good enough. The same people that talk about kindness & being PC say awful things to someone I care about every day. I know this isn’t everyone but I see it a lot & had to say something." Luke's bandmate Calum Hood also wrote: "Sierra is a BEAUT".

It goes without saying that tweets which make fun of people's appearances are wrong and Luke's comments sadly prove that this isn't a one off incident.

Here's hoping that fans listen to 5SOS and stop making fun of Sierra like this. She is beautiful and no one deserves to be subject to this sort of trolling.