Shawn Mendes' 'Lost In Japan' music video has so many 'Lost In Translation' references

26 October 2018, 13:50

Shawn Mendes Lost In Japan Lost In Translation screenshot
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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Shawn Mendes teamed up with '13 Reasons Why' star Alisha Boe for the 'Lost In Japan' music video which has tons of 'Lost In Translation' references.

Shawn Mendes' new music video for his Zedd collaboration, "Lost In Japan", is an ode to the 2003 Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson film, Lost In Translation.

Shawn and Zedd teamed up with 13 Reasons Why actress Alisha Boe for the song's visuals which mirror everything from that iconic image of Bill Murray sitting on his hotel bed wearing a green robe, to Scarlett Johansson's character singing karaoke in a pink wig.

Shawn Mendes, Zedd - Lost In Japan (Original + Remix)

In case you were born at the turn of the century or have never seen the iconic film, Lost In Translation is about an actor , Bob, who heads to Japan to film a commercial. While there, Bob meets a woman, Charlotte, who seems to be as lost in her life as he is. The film was highly successful at the time of its release, earning Sofia Coppola an Academy Award for Best Director.

The Shawn Mendes "Lost In Japan" music video takes a lot of visual cues from the film which turned 15 years old this year. Here are some of the visual parallels between Shawn Mendes' "Lost In Japan" video and the Sofia Coppola directed Lost In Translation.

"Lost In Japan" parallels the scene where Bob drives by a billboard of himself.

Shawn Mendes Lost In Japan
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Lost In Translation
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As Shawn Mendes sits in the back of a car, he spots himself on a billboard, much like Bill Murray's character Bob does in Lost In Translation.

And when Shawn sits on his hotel bed in a robe.

Shawn Mendes "Lost In Japan" music video
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Lost in Translation Bill Murray
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Here is Shawn channeling Bill Murray's character in an elevator.

Lost In Japan Music video screenshot
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Bill Murray in Lost In Translation
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And here is Shawn shooting the whiskey commercial in a suit like Bill Murray.

Shawn Mendes Lost In Japan Music video
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Focus Features

Alisha Boe nails her rendition of the character Charlotte in "Lost In Translation"

Alisha Boe in "Lost In Japan"
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Focus Features

And Alisha leaning on Shawn's shoulder in the pink wig is the most "Lost In Translation" thing that happened in the entire music video.

Lost In Japan music video
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What an iconic concept for a music video. We're just hoping everyone left the set after shooting "Lost In Japan" and ran home to stream Lost In Translation.

As for Alisha's pink wig in the music video? We think Jessica needs to borrow it for 13 Reasons Why season 3.